Hair Thickening Spray | Instant Hair Thickener | Hair Loss Concealer | RESTRAND
Hair Thickening Spray | Instant Hair Thickener | Hair Loss Concealer | RESTRAND
Hair Thickening Spray | Instant Hair Thickener | Hair Loss Concealer | RESTRAND
Hair Thickening Spray | Instant Hair Thickener | Hair Loss Concealer | RESTRAND
Hair Thickening Spray | Instant Hair Thickener | Hair Loss Concealer | RESTRAND

Hair Thickening Spray

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  • RESTRAND is the UK's #1 Hair Thickening Spray and Hair Loss Concealer.
  • RESTRAND Instant Hair Thickening Spray gently coats and matches each hair to give you added texture and thickness.
  • RESTRAND covers bald patches and scalp show-through to give you the appearance of a full head of hair.
  • RESTRAND thickens hair instantly and is ideal for men and women of all ages.
  • RESTRAND Instant Hair Thickening Spray stays in place until you choose to shampoo it away. One simple spray can strip years away from your appearance. The end result is amazing. You will look great and feel younger.
  • Successfully used by thousands of men and women worldwide.
  • Try RESTRAND Hair Thickening Spray for yourself and see the difference!
  • For best results and ease of use, we highly recommend using our unique Styling Brush. You will notice the difference immediately. The Styling Brush will allow you to move the natural oxides through your hair more easily, giving you not only thicker looking hair but also smoother looking hair when compared to other combs or brushes.
  • PLEASE NOTE: We also recommend that you seal the covered area using our Activator Spray. The Activator Spray will set your chosen style and give your hair a natural shine. It has the added benefit of making it wind, water and perspiration resistant.
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The spray and acceleration spray arrived this morning can't believe how it works.had a bit of hair at the front but nothing much around the back after a bit of practice I now have a full head of natural looking hair. I'm totally amazed

Mark Smith | Sheffield | December 2016

I have no bald patches but have thinned overall on top and a quick spray of this makes the hair look thicker - simple and effective.

Neil Marchant | Exeter | December 2016

This is a really great product, been using it for about 6 months . I am 58 and still got a good head of hair but its flaked with silver grey plus thinner in places ..... restrand covers and fills hair in to show a full, colour enhanced and thicker hair... I go for the dark brown. great results every time.

Trevor Burton | Manhester | December 2016

I have used this for an number of years and it is a Godsend. I lose my hair periodically due to an under-active thyroid - Re- strand helps me cope with the trauma and still look good. One negative is that your head/hair can look dull so make sure you use the activator or a high shine hairspray.

Karen McAleese | Donegal | December 2016

After suffering excessive thinning in my early 20's I felt like my life was over. Constantly insecure, paranoid and obsessed with trying and failing to hide my scalp. Now it's like it never happened, I apply after washing, brush through and get on with my life. Def better than others I've tried to.

Kim | England | December 2016

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What is RESTRAND Hair Thickener?
RESTRAND Hair Thickener is an organic, coloured hair thickener that can be sprayed directly onto the hair for instant thickening.
It is the UK’s best selling hair thickener.

How does RESTRAND work?
RESTRAND Hair Thickener works by covering the scalp and hairs with a fine layer of liquid powder which bonds to the hair strands, thickening them, thereby giving the appearance of a thicker, fuller head of hair.

Is RESTRAND Hair Thickener safe to use?
RESTRAND Hair Thickener is a non-allergenic product; the ingredients of which have been tested and used in cosmetic and skin applications such as lipsticks and eye make-up.
RESTRAND Hair Thickener is widely used in the entertainment industry and by many thousands of the general public who regularly re-order.

Will the product be noticeable to others?
No. Apart from your hair looking thicker and fuller it is not possible to tell from looking at someone that they are using RESTRAND Hair Thickener.

Will RESTRAND Hair Thickener make my hair grow?
No. RESTRAND Hair Thickener is a cosmetic concealer only.

What if I am caught in the rain or want to play sport?
Once RESTRAND Hair Thickener is sealed with our Activator Spray, it is rain, wind and perspiration resistant.
We do recommend however that wet hair be allowed to dry naturally rather than rubbing vigorously with a dry towel.

What colour should I choose?
Choose one of our colours that you think best describes your own hair colour. It is also possible to blend colours for in-between shades. We will gladly exchange for a lighter or darker shade.

How should I apply RESTRAND Hair Thickener?
To get the best results shake the can well, brush or comb your hair upwards and spray softly from 7-8 inches across the base of the thinning hair. Spray until you are happy with the coverage. Allow to dry, then comb or brush your hair to your usual style and spray once more. Allow to dry, then seal with our Activator Spray.

What type of comb should I use?
For best results use our Styling Brush. It has been specifically designed for use with RESTRAND products. It is also an essential piece of hair care kit for anyone with fine or fragile hair or anyone suffering from hair loss.

Is it necessary to use the Activator Spray?
Yes. The Activator Spray will help bring out the colour of RESTRAND Hair Thickener. It will also give hair a natural shine and provide a long lasting hold, protecting it from rain, wind and perspiration.
Only use the Activator Spray once RESTRAND Hair Thickener has dried.

Is it necessary to shampoo my hair before application?
No. As long as the hair is clean and dry it is not necessary to shampoo hair before application.

How often do I need to apply ‘RESTRAND Hair Thickener’?
You only need to apply RESTRAND once between washes.

How long will a can last me?
It varies from individual to individual as each person’s coverage needs are different however the average length of time between re-ordering is 6 weeks.

Can RESTRAND Hair Thickener be used on transplanted hair?
Yes. Once any scarring has healed it can be used to complement the transplant.

Can I use other products with RESTRAND?
Yes. RESTRAND Hair Thickener is natural and inert and so you can use any products you like with it. It is compatible for use with other hair loss medications and with all styling products.

How is RESTRAND shipped?
RESTRAND is shipped discreetly in a plain bubble wrap envelope, free of charge via Royal Mail 24/48.